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NPVN Dashboard – Login to Npower Portal

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NPVN Dashboard – Login to Npower Portal

NPVN Dashboard -

NPVN Dashboard – This article will guide you on the steps to login to your Npower dashboard at 2022. Follow the steps below.

The official npvn login portal of the Npower is

The full steps to help you sign in to Npower dashboard portal on will be shown to you on this website

If you want to login to your NPVN dashboard, simply follow the steps that will be listed below.


NPVN Dashboard Login Portal – 2022

The first step is to visit You can now login to Profile.

The official portal link , simply go to

The npvn dashboard is extremely user friendly. You can easily visit it with your mobile phone.

Npower Login Portal

To login to the portal, follow the guidelines below:

Simply visit or go directly to

Then enter your email address and password to login successfully.

You can read Npower Latest News here.

If you need more information on NPVN Dashboard – Login to Npower Portal, simply drop a comment below and we will update you

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  1. chineme Chiamaka Providence says:

    please keep me posted

  2. Ngboki Kenneth Agbor says:

    please sir, I am still having some difficulty filling my npower survey form.


      Pls sir there is no information related to my deployment, ppa, or if I’m on pay role. After a successful verification exercise, pls help update me sir.

  3. Orji Mabel Beauty says:

    Please sir I’m founding it difficult to login to my nteach form

  4. 08030913632 says:

    How can I check my npower account

  5. abasiofiok says:

    pls how can I open my npower profile

  6. Ramatu Jibril says:

    I want to have access to my dashboard

  7. Nkan Nyakno says:

    Good afternoon,please I have not received my feeding for the second month.bacth C N-TECH.pls what should I do?
    My NPWR NO IS;002562460.
    My phone no:08066054459

  8. Efa Esther says:

    Pls sir am having some difficulty to login to my profile


    it look

  10. precious Bitrus says:

    please I want to login my account

  11. Iheanacho Stevenna says:

    I can’t log in to my dashboard

  12. Etoro Sylvester Akpan says:

    Have not receive my October salary yet, still on processing for a week now why?

  13. abdullahi mohammed says:

    we are not happy for what our leaders the have done for nigerias peoples about npower or different tings they have promis thanks

  14. Obieze Linda uchechukwu says:

    Good day sir. I’m finding it difficult to reset my password


    PHONE NUMBER, 08068777153/09077855780/08058237103
    APPLICATION FORM, NPWR/2020/NT1-641604641(N.C.E.)

  16. ILORI Israel adeonipekun says:

    Please I have problem to login into the npower Beneficiary, it’s say that Beneficiary has resigned from npower & what can I do to login in back thank so much & God bless you

  17. safiratu Inusa says:

    I want to login to my dashboard.

  18. Maryamu Michael says:


  19. Achem Ufedo Stella says:

    Please Npower team, can I change my Npower SIM card to another SIM?

  20. Murna Gambo says:

    I am yet to receive my October stipend

  21. anyor Philip Abugh says:

    I am trying to check my status but is not working and secondly I am using the USSD code of 45665 to check my status but is not going through I want to know if my details are still in the program. batch B

  22. Enoidem Idighekere Peter says:

    Pls ‘ve not beable to comfirm availability for nexit training of batch a and b, which the training is taking place this February that am one of they batch 1

  23. Enoidem Idighekere Peter says:

    Pls. i cannot open my npvn dashboard profile for 2016, what is the problem

  24. Enoidem Idighekere Peter says:

    Alright, thanks

  25. Tomori Bose says:

    Good ma/sir,have not receive my salary of November yet,pls help me to send it.

  26. Musa Magaji says:

    Pls I am not see my alart for five 5 months you are pay my coli’s I am from jigawa miga lga

  27. Mesaiyete S idowu says:

    They are still owning me 3month salaries.batch A.

  28. Nwadike modenus.N says:

    I am in to poultry farming since we were disengage from npower program. I need fund to maximize my production

  29. Kabibi Getrude says:

    I have not been paid Npower November stipend.

  30. Kabibi Getrude says:

    I have not received Npower November stipend,why?

  31. Lawal Ibrahim Mohammed says:

    Dear Sir/Ma

    My stipend for the month of December is not showing anything yet while others have started seeing theirs.

    Thank you for your usual cooperation.

  32. Amadi Adamma says:

    Having issues on logging in for the nexit. Please help me out

  33. John Rekwi Dih says:

    Good day sir.please I’m finding it difficult to reset my password.

  34. Mohammed rabiu utai says:


  35. Ezeh lotachukwu christabel says:

    Pls sir am finding it difficult to retrieve my N-power password, pls help me sir

  36. Eze says:

    Pls sir can you help me check if my name is out, with my application detail

  37. Ibrahim Abdullahi says:

    Npower stream 2 a you ready to go

  38. Saniidris says:

    A s w

  39. abdullahi yahaya danboyi says:

    thank you

  40. abdullahi yahaya danboyi says:


  41. Saliem sadiq yalwa says:

    My profile

  42. Hope letura prudent says:

    My dashboard

  43. dahiru Mohammed Abubakar says:

    [email protected]

  44. Rebecca Atodo says:

    How do I check my name on Npower

  45. Igwebuike Chika Jane says:

    Pls I wish to know if my name is among the listed candidate, because I can’t login just because I change my password

  46. Igwebuike Chika Jane says:

    Pls sir/ma
    I forgot my Gmail password and can’t login pls I seriously need help, I wish to know if am among the listed candidate… Thanks

  47. Ugbaje Monday Ugbede says:


  48. Jamila garba says:

    Pls help me check mine sir

  49. Agwulonu Lynda Uchenna says:

    Am l in stream 1or 2

  50. Bojande Caleb atsoughur says:


  51. Bojande Caleb atsoughur says:

    Thank you

  52. Moses Mercy ashe says:


  53. Khadija Ibrahim umar says:


  54. Ibrahim samaila says:

    I have lost my email

  55. Eze Victoria kasiemobi says:

    Please help me and check my name

  56. Ekiran Alex Mayowa says:

    I try to visit the npower npvn portal but it is not displaying, what can I do?

  57. Usman lawanzanna ubangari says:

    Does this candidate who are shortlisted for batch perform the test

  58. Aminu Abubakar says:


  59. Bilhatu Markus says:

    Batch c list

  60. Antonia Ngene says:

    Please sir/ma please I can’t seem to operate into my profile please it be checked on your comsumerize system.via email [email protected]

  61. ijale joshua oheje says:

    i wants to know if i have been shortlisted

  62. adamu sadiq says:

    However I feel my n power

  63. Mbah Chitorom says:

    Check result

  64. Fatima says:

    How can I change my password easily

  65. Sumayya buhari says:

    Sumayya buhari

  66. Godiya S Adamu says:

    Forgot my password please how do I check if I have been shortlisted

  67. Evelyn Victor Dudu says:

    Checking whether I have been shortlisted for batch c

  68. Bashar jafar says:

    N power

  69. Offor ugochukwu c says:

    I forgot my password. An I’ve been sending mail with my registered email to reset my password but all to no avail.
    Npower don’t want to reply my mail.

  70. Alice Ibrahim says:

    How is enter my dash board

  71. Emmanuel Tsokwa godiya says:

    I have not received any mail

  72. Victor says:

    Haven t recieved any mail yet

  73. Mmaeyen Etebom Ukpong says:

    I have not receive any mail from you.

  74. Monday adamu says:

    I have not received any email or sms text too but may be in the next batch

  75. Mary Sunday says:

    I can’t login to my dashboard

  76. Comfort says:

    I have not see or receive any update

  77. Osuji Anthonia ogonna says:

    I can’t be able to open my email

  78. Adesola Elizabeth Funmilayo says:

    I’m unable to register for n exite please help, I’m batch A (2017)

  79. Joyce Amachree says:

    I”ve not received any message for the nexit training

  80. Umeh Patricia Ngozi says:

    My name has not been shortlisted for the next training what do I do Umeh Patricia Ngozi

  81. Abdullahi Abubakar says:

    Checking dash board

  82. Okwor Oluchukwu says:

    I lost my phone number that I used to register npower. I don’t know if it would be the reason why I have not received any massage, I don’t even know where I belong now

  83. Onyi nkechi okwukwe says:

    Have not be shortlisted for the training and not be enough paid as well batch A2016

  84. Onyi nkechi okwukwe says:

    Please I. Have not been paid batch A2016 ,08068542656



  86. Franca Femicit Falam says:

    update on physical certification

  87. Amina abubakar says:

    I want see my ooffer

  88. Amina abubakar says:

    I not see my name for the Bach c

  89. Aisha muhammad barde says:

    My transfer

  90. Jeremiah inyang Ekpuk says:

    I want to check my Dashboard

  91. Jeremiah says:

    I to check my Dashboard

  92. Abdulkareem mulikat Mojisola says:

    Pls sir l need to check my dashboard but it giving me problem

  93. Faith Kennedy says:

    Deployment letter

  94. Haulat Muhammad says:

    I want to checkm my dashboard

  95. Haulat Muhammad says:

    I want to check my dashboard

  96. Akoje Ojoka Eric says:

    To check my Npowerportal

  97. ADU folakemi says:

    I want to check my dashboard

  98. Aisha adamu Audu says:

    I want to check my dashboard

  99. Rukaiya Iliyasu says:

    I want to see my dashboard but it refused to open

  100. Abba hussaini says:

    Npower bacth c

  101. Abba hussaini says:

    I want to check my dashboard

  102. Ais says:

    I want to check my dashboard

  103. Onukwiu Amarachi Celestina says:

    I want to check my dashboard

  104. Muhammad nil says:

    I want find my dashboard

  105. Uwem ukpong says:

    I want to check my Dashboard

  106. Daniel James Pevkyaa says:

    When is npower batch C stream 2 would commence

  107. Peter says:

    Am I to check my dashboard

  108. Nazif Bala idris says:


  109. Ogar Ebi Agbor says:

    I want to check my dashboard

  110. Udie Emmanuel u says:


  111. Mbachu francisca o says:

    Pls I what to check my dashboard for my name

  112. Evelyn Abure says:

    Please I want to check my dash board

  113. Adama Agnes says:

    Pls I can’t check my dashboard, I need help

  114. Eneakata ujunwa says:

    Please I want to check my N-power dashboard

  115. Musa kafayat fisayo says:

    I want to check My dashboard

  116. Uduakobong Etim Ikot says:

    I want to check my dashboard whether am a beneficiary of npower batch c stream2

  117. Eruayephiare Paul says:

    How can i be a beneficiary

  118. Shehu Hassan Baa says:

    I want to check my dashboard

  119. Shehu Hassan Baa says:

    I can not login in my dashboard due to changing of phone

  120. adeoye alaba says:

    I want to check my profile

  121. Khadijah muhammad says:

    I check my dashboard

  122. Anzayi faith Daniel says:

    Please I want to check my dashboard

  123. Khadijah muhammad says:

    Iwant to check my dashboard

  124. Ogundipe Funmilayo says:

    Please, I can’t login to my npower account

  125. Ojotule Christian Eneojo says:

    I can’t login into my Npower dashboard anymore

  126. Buter Lucy says:

    Please I can’t log to my npower account

  127. khalifa says:

    pls it’s true that the npower of the batch c is expire?.


    Why should not pay us july

  129. Oko uchechukwu says:

    I want to login to my dadhboard

  130. Abdulaziz Sanusi says:

    My dashboard

  131. Yunusa saidu says:

    I want to check my dashboard

  132. Afolabi bashirat olabusoye says:

    I can’t log into my npower account and I want to know maybe my applications Is summited

  133. Adams yakubu hamman says:

    Problem login in

  134. Adelana Aanuoluwa Comfort says:

    I can’t verified my account and due to this I can’t print out my PPA letter please help me out.

  135. Thomas Beatrice says:

    Please I want to log into my dashboard please help

    • Nweke Eunice says:

      I try to upload my recent posting back to npower/n-tech program back to you but I discovered that the portal for batch c stream 1 is no more functioning ( writing network failure) for over two weeks now.sir/madam,I beg to ask what do I do to such issues like that.pls,iam in pain now over such situation that has grab me now.pls sir/ma,do justice by resetting the network back.thanks and God bless you.from yours servant Nweke Eunice.08062095763.batch c, stream 1.


    pls i am been shortlisted till now nothing has happen

  137. Fadila Abdulrahman says:

    Please I want log my profile help please and I want to know my MPower ID

  138. Joseph Kauna says:

    My npower dashboard

  139. Ramatu Umar says:

    I am ramatu Umar nagro batch B beneficiary. Please I need my npower I’d. Thanks

  140. Aliyu Sulaiman says:

    My dashboard is still not seen

  141. Aliyu Sulaiman says:

    Unable to receive a link to reset my password
    Here are the details for further nessary action


    Good day sir or ma. Am Oyelami Oluwasayo Emmanuel. Pls i want to retrieve my Npower ID, i have tried login into the site no way. Pls kindly help me sir or ma.

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