Npower Test Questions and Answers 2022 for Batch C Online Sample : Recruitment Beam

Npower Test Questions and Answers 2022 for Batch C Online Sample

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Npower Test Questions and Answers 2022 for Batch C | Online Sample

Npower Test Questions and Answers 2022 Batch C will be provided in this article. Need NASIMS Questions and Answers for the batch c test? You are on the right page, keep reading to view the sample questions for the

If you are part of the Npower batch c applicants and you are searching the Npower questions and answers for the NASIMS Test, then continue reading this article to see the full questions that will appear in the CBT Test online.

Here you will the questions and answers for Npower test you are looking for and you can score high in the Npower online test via You can find the sample Q&A for Npower batch c test below.

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Questions and Answers for Npower Batch C Test

Before you can actually login to NASIM test portal and write the batch c test, you need to have an idea of the type of questions to expect in the test. Which means you need this sample questions in other to practice very well.

Here are a few of the leaked NPower batch C test questions and answers which were asked in the test NASIMS Portal.

  • The Capital of Lagos State is_____
    Select one:
    A. Bariga
    B. Isale-Eko
    C. Eko
    D. Ikeja
    E. Ikorodu
  • Who is the current Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria
    Select one:
    A. Alhaji Mai Borno
    B. Sanusi Lamido Sanusi
    C. Godwin Emefiele
    D. Adamu Chiroma
    E. Charles Soludo.

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3. [Choose the one that is most nearly opposite in meaning to the uppercase word.]

  • Few people prefer the RURAL to the ______ areas.
    Select one:
    A. Urban
    B. Modern
    C. Pastoral
    D. Central
    E. Rustic
  • The ages of three men are in the ratio 3:4:5. If the difference between the ages of the oldest and youngest is 18 years, find the sum of the ages of the three men.
    (a) 45 years
    (b) 72 years
    (c) 108 years
    (d) 216 years

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If you registered for Npower batch C Recruitment, then see how to pass NPower Test successfully, then read through the NPower Test Questions And Answers here to help you score higher in Batch C Test which will be taken online via NASIMS portal.

For more of the Npower Test Questions and Answers 2022, then just let us know what you think in the comment section of this article and then we will forward the full sample questions to you

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