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Npower Survey 2022 | How to Fill Npower Survey Form Successfully

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Npower Survey 2022: How to Fill Npower Survey Form Successfully

Npower Survey Form is for the Batch A beneficiaries of the program and is very mandatory to fill the survey form via the portal link which will be provided below.

What is Npower Survey? It is a Survey conducted by the Npower Team to help them get information from beneficiaries so they can use it to improve the programme.

The survey was created with the aim of solving the various challenges that beneficiaries are facing and help them the Npower Programme better.

Information reaching us has it that some Npower beneficiaries have not received the SMS sent out by N-Power and don’t know their next line of action and those who received the SMS are still skeptical of filling the form.

You need to know that the Survey SMS sent out to N-Power beneficiaries is very real and authentic from N-Power and is not a scam in anyway.

Also take note that the N-Power phone number that is being requested while you are filling the survey form is the number your used during your N-Power application process instead of the number you have been using to login to your npvn profile.

How to fill Npower Survey Form

  • The Form is expected to be filled and submitted.
  • You can use your smartphone or computer to fill the survey form.
  • Fill the form carefully and make sure you do not lie on your achievements during the course of your service because it may probably affect you in other ways.
  • Every part of the survey form with red asterisk * is compulsory to be filled. Form is here

News Related to Npower Survey

If you need more information on Npower Survey form link, kindly drop your comment below and we will send you regular updates.

Comments (33)

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  1. Mutairu kate says:

    Am yet to receive the sms, should I still go and fill the form?

  2. Abdulhamid A Garba says:

    please am not a N_power beneficiary but indeed i interest on it please notify me when the foam is out, thank you .

  3. Abubakar Dala Ahmed says:

    I did not see any survey form to fill

  4. Okonkwo Chukwunonso c. says:

    Pls what are the qualifications required for application into Npower and age limitations.

  5. Felicia Sabo says:

    I can’t have access to the survey form to fill. What will i do?

  6. Alyegba Fanen says:

    The n-power phone number, is it the number that was given to beneficiaries together with the device or the number you used when you applied for n-power

  7. Gbagbara A.Joy says:

    i did nt recieve any message from npower to fill a survey form.Tnx

  8. Torkpande Jennifer Eileen says:

    I haven’t got the message about the survey form to fill.what shall do?

  9. Muhammed Awulu says:

    may God give long life to president Muhammadu buhari.

  10. Kingsley Edward says:

    I can’t find the link to the survey form,please help.

  11. 08056144084 says:

    Long life to Muhammadu Buhari.

  12. Muhammed awulu says:

    Long life to Muhammadu Buhari

  13. sharon boleigha says:

    please i want updates

  14. mieyeseigha pondei says:

    please connect me

  15. mieyeseigha pondei says:

    please send me timely updated

  16. Bako eseh says:

    I did not received message up to now why

  17. Amos Ashifa Agyigra says:

    I have not SEE any survey form in my profile but I have received the text to be filled on the with July by the text I receive

  18. Ochim paul Ogbu says:

    concerning the Npower survey, some of us have gotten this information through story. there was not a segregation between the first and the second batch. therefore, some of 2017 beneficiaries have went and filled the form (ie. survey). If this may affect in anyway please i need your help.

  19. Ochim Paul Ogbu says:

    Concerning theNpower Survey. information was gotten through story. They just refer to npower in general. And i am one of 2017 beneficiaries. So, i went and got it filled (Npower Survey).if it may affect in anyway, please i need your help. Name: Ochim paul Ogbu. From Benue in Oju LGA. N-teach. ph-no:08122480242. Thank’s.

  20. Onyinyechi igwe says:

    Did not receive any messages about filling of the form, please what should I do?

  21. Habibat Dauda Achenyo says:

    Iam very happy for this programme blc it has help some of our youths from been unemployment in nigeria despite am not benefit, i still know that n-power has tried

  22. Dansofo Simon says:

    I can not access the survey form. Please help

  23. Damulak Paul Daluut says:

    I was not able to fill the survey form what shall I do?

  24. shehu patience says:

    I use the number that was given to us with our device well filling the npower survey form. without knowing that it was the one we used in applying the npower, hope is not going to be a problem?

  25. omooba Itunu Gem says:

    I missed d target date,pls what do I do

  26. LAWAL SALISU says:

    two time I apply for this program but up to date. I didn’t know what is the final solution to me on this program N-teach?

  27. Mrs saviour suoyo says:

    Long life to President Muhammadu Buhari for helping the graduate on N-power program

  28. Onah Chinasa Cordelia says:

    I have finish filling the survey form and submitted but how will I know whether it has been accepted or not, pls I need notice to be sure, 08038913540
    Thank you so much Baba President and any one in support of this wonderful programme, may God bless you all.

  29. Onah Chinasa Cordelia says:

    I have finish filling the survey form and submitted through my phone but how will I know if it has been accepted or not, pls if possible I need a reply to be sure, thank you all.

  30. AMUSHU SOLOMON says:

    I Did Not Receive Any Message On N-power Survey Pls

  31. Ifere chinenye says:

    I didn’t receive any SMS from npower about the npower survey form. What do I do to participate

  32. Ebere Rita says:

    Pls,the npower transition is not opening.

  33. Arong Akan Oyak says:

    please am willing to fill the npowersurvey form, keep me posted when it is ready

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