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Npower Stream 2 Batch C Shortlisting, Commencement & Latest News 2022 Update

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Npower Stream 2 Batch C Shortlisting, Commencement & Latest News 2022 Update

Npower batch c stream 2 shortlist is out. Date for commencement of Npower stream 2 has been announced and portal is open, you are to login and check if you have been selected for the 2022 stream 2 batch of the Npower programme.

A lot of Npower applicants have been awaiting this phase of the batch c programme which includes shortlisting of applicants. Stream 2 and 1 was created for the Npower batch c and candidates who didn’t find their name in the first batch are expected to check the portal if they have been selected for the stream 2 set of Npower batch c candidates who will be deployed.

Well, we have good news for you. Npower has officially announced that the Batch C Stream 2 candidates will be uploaded immediately and commence as soon as possible. What is expected of candidates now is for you to login and verify your status on NASIMS portal stream 2. Once you have done so, you should be able to know if Npower has shortlisted you stream 2 or just not yet.

Is Npower Stream 2 List Out?

This is commonly asked, Has Npower batch c stream 2 list been out? Yes, Npower 2022 stream 2 shortlisted names is out. Remember, Npower said they were going to release the list on June 15th. So, right now you should login NASIMS dashboard and check if you are among those that have made it to the list.

So what are you to do next after you have found your name on the list? Well for all those (batch c stream 1 and stream 2) who checked the portal and their names appeared on the Npower final list, you will need to await instructions from Npower regarding your deployment. Yes, that is what you need to do right now. Any information that Npower passes across on that will be communicated to you on time.

Npower Stream 2 Commencement Date 2022

Npower set June 15th, 2022 as the date for NASIMS Stream 2 to commence. Right now, we are waiting for an update from the Federal Government regarding the plans to release the shortlist on the stated date. Npower will send notifications to those candidates who were shortlisted successfully.

Candidates from across the 36 states of Nigeria will have their names on the Npower stream 2 batch c list and as such you should ensure you keep tabs with information coming from Npower so that will be fully aware when the list is now finally announced officially.

Npower Stream 2 Latest News

We are here to provide you with current news updates about Npower stream 2. Ever since Npower announced the stream 2 for batch, so many applicants in their bid to stay updated with the latest news have been giving us lots of request for us to keep them all updated on Npower especially as regards to the Stream 2 list. We’ve decided to do just that, and that is the major reason why we created this page.

So, from time to time, you should always visit this page and check for latest updates. To make things easier for you, you can bookmark this page or better still any time you want to access our updates on this page, simply search for “Npower Stream 2 Latest News Updates” and you will find our website and from there see what is the latest on stream batch c candidates.

JUST IN: Information we have for our news desk is that Npower has announced that there is no longer an official date for commencement of Npower Stream 2. This means that you will need to login to your NASIMS page regularly and confirm if you have been shortlisted, then move on and complete the biometrics.

So we want to hear from you, what do you think of Npower Stream 2 Batch C Latest News, tell us below this article and also let us know if you would want to us to always give you prompt update about Npower.

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  1. Hussaini Abubakar Rijiya gummi says:

    I am just here in order to advice the leaders of this program. Remember that the president was only asign you purposly to sympatize the youth of the nation but you you always look like ankabut and proudly you are indigene of our nation it may be you are among of muslim. Is muslim teach you that? PLEASE RELEASE THE LIST AND PAY THE YOUTH

  2. Dahir Mohammed kore says:

    The Npower stream 2 is out?

  3. Umar bala says:

    Umar bala

  4. Gideon Ignatius says:

    I want to hear about stream 2 update

  5. Yusif says:

    Iam among those that been listed in stream 2 but I gone to local government secretary but said that the portal is not currently active. My question is that what the problem?

  6. Adamu Isa says:

    I’m sorry I didn’t see my name

  7. Abdulrauf Kabiru says:

    For Npowe Bach c stream 2

  8. Henry naphtai says:

    Thanks for the updates

  9. Henry naphtai says:

    Thanks for the updates more is expected

  10. Alidu Bobo says:

    we Bashe c stream 2 we want to now if our names is amount those that are being listed.becouse we West so much money on please and please do not forget us because all our hope are in this program.THANKYOU…

  11. Alice Jonathan says:

    Try logging in …but denied access.
    So worried. Please how can u be of help to me? I need help please.
    Waiting for my name to be shortlisted in batch C stream 2

  12. Zephaniah Emmanuel says:

    Thank you for your help, but I like to get more of npower news through my email

  13. Idowu oluwatosin says:

    Npowerw 2021 stream 2 list

  14. Kebiru jibrin says:

    Strea 2 latest news

  15. Ojele sussan says:

    Latest news on Batch C stream 2 list

  16. Alhassan tairu says:

    N power stream 2 is out

  17. Alhassan tairu says:

    N power stream 2 is out

  18. Omovie Josephine says:

    N power stream 2 is out

  19. Dauda nasiru says:

    Pls why is that npower beneficiary are all yet to receive their stipen while others are receiving why is all these delay

  20. yau b mohammad says:

    i am among the parsonn who write exam

  21. obiabo edoh says:

    When will Npower batch c2 list be out

  22. Dawudnuhu says:

    I like this

  23. Niimat says:

    Maasha Allah Npower stream 2 batch C is out.. Kudos to the Npower latest news update..

  24. Yusuf Suleiman says:

    Yusuf Suleiman

  25. Caleb Obidah Tekuwa says:


  26. hope cyprian says:

    How to checked my name on the list

  27. Awari Nelson says:

    What is the cut off mark for Npower batch C stream 2?

    Is the list that was realised yesterday the final list?

  28. Akinsulere Titilayo says:

    Pls Npower, i check my name is not ther we

  29. Akinsulere Titilayo says:

    Pls,Icheck my name is not there
    Npower do something about it

  30. Akinsulere Titilayo says:

    Pls Npower, i check my name is not there

  31. Habu Zannah says:

    Npower batch c2


    Please is the list that came out yesterday is a final one please I want to know so that I will have rest of mind please because I checked my dashboard they said I’ve not been shortlisted yet that I should check back later

  33. Yakubu yamusa Ibrahim says:

    I didn’t see my name is there

  34. Musa danjummai says:

    When npower batch c will shortlisted?

  35. mohammed sabo says:

    pls really n power post shortlist of stream 2

  36. Vincent Aloy Goddey says:

    How do I check my name in the recently published Npower batch c stream 2 list

  37. Husaini Abdurasheed Babaji says:

    When will they start deployment?

  38. Aminu idris says:

    I went to see my adimition know if Secord list rilease
    Think God job

  39. Weresi, patience torkpa says:

    Thanks to Npower by the grace of God my name is among those being selected, but my problem is that there is an error on my phone number. What should I do?

  40. Josiah says:

    I have been shortlisted but I’m having issues with Biometric registration. what can I do?

  41. Magdaline Victor says:


  42. David Lohjul says:

    Is there any hope for those who have not been screen in batch c stream 2?

  43. Aremu Abimbola Matthew says:

    I have not seen my name been shortlist in stream 2, why

  44. Aremu Abimbola Matthew says:

    I have not seen my name been shortlisted in stream 2, why

  45. BEGE ILIYA BARDE says:

    I passed the test but Not yet shortlisted for the next physical verification stage.why?

  46. Nanloh Vongfa says:

    When are we having the physical verification

  47. Emmanuel says:

    Went will the deployment commence

  48. Ij says:

    Please shortlist me,I scored 45 in my test but am not be shortlisted.


    When the deployment in batch c will commence

  50. Nwamuo Eunice says:

    I have been shortlisted for biometrics but wasn’t able to capture my fingerprints when I tried doing that it responded to me as bvn has already be updated error pls I need help

  51. Stephen says:

    Can a candidate who had been shortlisted and had done his/her biometric make changes in profile. E.g Local government or probably upload a certificate in replacement of statement of result or other documents?
    Thank you.

  52. Abdulrazak says:

    Good evening sir, please I’m here to confirm when will the deployed benigings? Thank you.

  53. RUFA'I ADAMU says:

    help me to get the NPOWER

  54. Ngor gift says:

    I have not seen my name being shortlisted and I scored 65

  55. Mbachu francisca o says:

    I have not receive any sms,pls have Education list come out

  56. Ahmad Mikail says:

    Me that score 90 my name no dey there

  57. ododo charity Ogwihi says:

    I have not see my name shortlisted and I scored 45 why

  58. ododo charity Ogwihi says:

    I have not see my name shortlisted and I scored 45 have nbuild list out?

  59. ROYALTiMEDIA says:

    Those around Ojo or Festac area can do their Npower thumbprinting at ROYALTiMEDIA COMPUTER INSTITUTE Plot 11 Elumeke Street Ijegun Imore Newsite, Satellite Town. Or call 07036541855

  60. Dr kbest says:

    I haven’t been shortlisted too,[email protected], olagunju olakunle kabir NPWR/2020/001891141

  61. Sagiru muazu says:

    I have not see my results

  62. Jimoh Ibrahim says:

    I scored 70% and yet ive not seen my name being shortlisted why?

  63. Mohammed hussaini boza says:

    my dershboard still show me check back later. please sir help to congratulations massage

  64. Bello Yusuff Abiola says:

    Any latest update plsssss

  65. Rakiya habibu says:

    Good job

  66. Rakiya habibu says:




  68. Izu says:

    Several times I have tried finger capturing but at the points of submission it will not be able to submit ratter it will pop out error
    Please help what can be done to rectify it

  69. USMAN JOSEPH says:


  70. Mamman Ali Mohammed says:

    What time are you thinking for us working

  71. Paul says:

    Please notify am from Calabar

  72. Sunday Ayiwulu says:

    Is this information reliable


    Beautiful,now we waiting for deployment, but when? let us know.

  74. isiyaku amadu says:

    i need notice always



  76. Udokang nnemme says:

    Please always give me update on the Npower information

  77. Habila Akpo Saman says:

    Please when will the npower batch c stream commence the verify and deployment?

  78. John lucas says:

    I am from taraba is it real?

  79. Mohammed nafi'u zakar says:

    Plase notify me n-power jovs bauch c stream 2 God bless nigeria

  80. Sani Ari says:

    Good morning my brother I am from nasarawa state npower is now ready for physical verification

  81. Fatile Elizabeth Aanuoluwapo says:

    I’m yet to receive notification about my physical verification

  82. Odebunmi fiyinfoluwa says:

    I have not seen my physical verification center on my dashboard since morning,please help me

  83. Ashiru. Abubakar says:

    When we start receiving the alert?

  84. Joyce says:

    Pls has biometrics for batch C stream 2 closed.? I need ur reply ASAP. Thanks

  85. Lukas says:

    Pls sir i can’t find my physical verification venue what is the problem

  86. Kenneth says:

    I’ve been shortlisted and done my biometric, but no schedule for physical verification yet, any hope?

  87. Usamatu Ibrahim suleman says:

    Please notify me about npower job batch 2c

  88. JAMES MUSA says:

    Good morning Hon,hw work,pls do u knw that any thing we are doing in this world please we hv to remember that Almighty Allah never sleep,he must reward us either bad or good things that we use our hand plants, so we hv take it easy bcos the day of judgement is there for all us,for NPOWER STREAM2 pls and pls dnt let us over think bcos i hv been thumb print already and my finger print is capture then already i’m qualify for physical verification and u are not allow me to do the phy verif, why, pls the Hon minister, if u knw that Almighty is the one that creat u pls release my name out bcos i’m from a very poor family, pls help me almighty will reward u, NAME JAMES MUSA, EMAIL [email protected], please the Hon do it almight will be with u and ur family, thank.


    N power bacth C

  90. Monday says:

    For those that have not been sent thief verification date what should we do thanks

  91. Baba dogari says:

    I’m from taraba state asking that my npower baetch c stream 2 It showing me applicant or shortlist not depolyet why

  92. Ezinne Ezeh says:

    Have npower finished shortlisting stream 2 because mine is still showing shortlisted an applicant an I have done my biometric

  93. Fatima ishaq says:

    I’m from lafia nasarawa state

  94. Joseph Isaiah says:

    I just got the information now that they have shortlisted names, I login to check my own I was shortlisted but on the news, I heard they have close the biometry registration…, I don’t want miss this opportunity, what can I do ??

  95. Peter jiya says:

    Stop froud extravagace nigeria money on n-power, weap out povert in nigeria but why stipend,delaying,use the delay months money, and fake news, little people training with billion of money, A friend of thief is also a thief, we all know but one day the hided willt be open

  96. FEDEE DODO says:

    Stop steal n-power money, pay,no delay,no fake cofuse media,steal big money little training people,you think you are weap out povert but totaly no.

  97. D. Labaran makuku says:

    N pw c2 mngnt, the time is going past and we have yet 2 rcv our postinh and evn payment

  98. Joseph I says:

    Npower stream 2 Agro….what they are doing to us is unfair oo….after shortlisted and successful done with biometric, to shown me where I should do my physical verification, they said, dear isaiah, you are not a beneficiary yet….people said I should keep on check till now is still the same oo….what is our hope for this kind of issue ?

  99. JAMES MUSA says:

    Npower batch c stream2 I’m waiting for physical verification N Agro, Email [email protected]

  100. JAMES MUSA says:

    Batch c stream some shortlisted hv been waiting for u oo.

  101. Festus Adjegbule says:

    Pls inform me whenever the deployment begins

  102. Abulkhairi says:

    “Account Number Already exists for another beneficiary” what does that means??

  103. Ayamah Murphy says:

    Why the PPA latter is showing black?
    And what is the way forward please

  104. Ayamah Murphy says:

    Why is the PPA letter is showing blank and what is the way forward

  105. Sadare Jumoke Yetunde says:

    I just checked my portal and I was shortlisted for screening test but I was unable to take it or do any biometric verification. I tried to contact them but they are not responding. Is the screening test still available according to what is on my portal till now?

  106. nazifi samaila says:

    very good

  107. Abdullahi babayo says:

    Gaskiya sadiya Umar faruq bakikeuta manaba wllh munyi tumprin Amma haryanzu minji shuron why
    Mu en, Bach c streem 2

  108. muhammad alama says:


  109. Yoyo ayoleyi Alexander says:

    Can someone who has done his or her physical verification completely with pass be demobilized again from empower batch c stream 2? and if not mobilze what steps can such person take.

  110. Yoyo ayoleyi Alexander says:

    When will N -Teach will be deployed?

  111. Peter says:

    Can’t some one get a straight forward answer from the government?is the ppa for batchc2 going on or not?

  112. Blessing chinenye says:

    When is badge c t stream2 recieving their posting letter

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