Npower Second Batch Shortlist 'Stream 2' 2022 | How to Check : Recruitment Beam

Npower Second Batch Shortlist ‘Stream 2’ 2022 | How to Check

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Npower Second Batch List | Npower Stream 2 Shortlist 2022

Npower Second Batch Stream 2 Shortlist 2022 for Batch C is Out – Do you want to check the second batch Npower list of shortlisted 2022? Here is how you can do so. Npower has made it known that there will be a second batch shortlisted names and the date for the shortlisting has been announced already.

We have decided to answer every questions you have about the Npower batch c stream 2 shortlisted candidates 2022. At the moment, Npower has compiled the names already and it is ready to published online. All Npower applicants who didn’t find their names in the first batch might likely find their name in this second batch.

Npower second shortlist will be published on the NASIMS Portal So, you are expected to login and check your dashboard as soon the npower batch c stream shortlisted names is finally out. We will also inform you when it is out.

Check Npower Shortlist Here. Please ensure you have also completed your NASIMS Biometric Verification so that your name can appear on the second batch shortlist as well.

How to Check Npower Second Batch Shortlisted Candidates for Stream 2

Before you check the 2022 stream 2 shortlisted names 2nd batch for Npower, you will need to first login to the portal with your NASIMS ID and password. Thereafter, you should be able to check your status on the website. The portal is

Procedure for checking the Npower second batch c list is as follows:

  1. Visit
  2. Fill in your details in the spaces provided.
  3. Click on Login.
  4. Check the Shortlist Navigation Link.
  5. If you have been shortlisted, you will find a congratulatory message.

Over one million Nigerians applied for the Npower batch c programme. Only about 500,000 has been shortlisted so far. It is expected that another batch c known as Npower stream 2 candidates list will be announced.

Those candidates who were unsuccessful in the first batch might likely get shortlisted in the second batch. We will show you how you will know when this Npower second stream list 2022 is officially released.

For now, Npower first batch shortlist is out and you can check your names here. We are now patiently waiting for the next batch of shortlisted candidates to be out on Nasims portal

Is Npower Stream 2 Batch C Shortlist 2022 Date Out?

Npower has fixed June 15 as the date when candidates will be the second batch stream 2 shortlisted candidates names will be rolled out on NASIMS portal. You will need to wait till the date announced so you can login and check if you have been shortlisted.

Currently, the npower batch c stream 2 shortlist is yet to be released. So stay put and wait for information from the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs as to when Npower will publish the names of these candidates.

If you want more updates on NASIMS / Npower second batch stream 2 shortlisted candidates 2022, you will do well to let us know your opinion right below this article so that more Npower News updates will be provided to you.

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  1. Anas Abubakar says:

    I wish to apply for the mentioned subjects matter when the programs is out thanks

  2. Muhammad Yakub says:

    Please allow me to be Employed among the Npower Program Shortlisted
    Thank you beautifully
    I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

  3. Adiyyatu Auwal Dodo says:

    I wanted to see my on

  4. Jennifer Livinus says:

    When is Npower stream 2 batch c physical verification starting?

  5. yahaya shehu says:

    Please allow me in barch c stream 2 shortlist, i am waitting you for npower programme, thank you, God bless you and reward you, ameen, ameen, ameen.


    Iam nobody and i need u people help to employ me among npowerment b/cos u people is our leaders today, please i need that with u my elders.

  7. pewat Danladi says:

    i like this programe by this government may God be with u

  8. Akpan Happiness Udo says:

    Has NPOWER stream c out

  9. Goodness Enyoojo says:

    Pls we are confused when will the stream 2 come out?

  10. Kaan doonongon julius says:

    N-power agro

  11. Kaan doonongon julius says:

    Please engage me in the program .This is because the situation around me is not good.


    As for your time in this morning

  13. abubakar usamatu says:

    which month start pay of stream2 on npower

  14. abubakar usamatu says:

    thank you

  15. abubakar usamatu says:

    take my capture on my record thank my bvn it show on app of nasims

  16. Atere kemisola Catherine says:

    Thank u

  17. Tonfamote Yvette Yon-Dakolo says:

    Thanks so much for the info, please I’ll appreciate if you can give me updates on npower batch C stream 2.
    Ones again, thank you.

    • Arogunjo Josephine Oluwatoyin says:

      Good day to the Npower operator, I will be glad if you can give me information update on Npower batch c stream 2, thanks.

  18. Salisu Dalibi says:

    What is going up about n-power batch c stream 2?

  19. Mijindadi bwaniya says:

    Pls, consider me when shortlisting .thank for your information.

  20. Muhammed Saleh says:

    Npower shortlisted candidates

  21. SAIDU ISHAKU says:

    Thanks for the info,


    Good day,happy val.truel we are not happy on what is going on,everyday we will been hearing that stream 2 has shortlisted up to now nothing.b/4 God and tell us the trueth

  23. Saratu isa says:

    What is the latest news about npower batch C stream 2, is the list not yet out, cos am confuse i heard every where npower batch 2 is out and i check my dashboard, they keep telling me i am not yet been shortlisted,

  24. Fatima Salisu says:


  25. Daniel obinna says:

    Hello, please i got 70% in the test and i haven’t been deployed yet, i also haven’t done the biometrics, could it be that its because i haven’t done the biometrics that i wasn’t deployed, and if yes, please is it late if i do my biometrics today?

  26. Sani Abdullahi says:

    What happened

  27. Usman a bukar says:

    Yobe state machina local government area

  28. Abubakar Abdullahi Ahmed says:


  29. Bashar bello says:


  30. MAryAm ALI MuHAmmAD says:


  31. Bello musatapha says:


  32. Bello musatapha says:


  33. adamuabubakar says:

    I’m want to check my name

  34. adamuabubakar says:

    I want to see the stream 2list

  35. Joy ujunwa Onwukando says:

    I m applying n power

  36. Saidu ahmed says:

    I want chicke shortlist

  37. adamuabubakar says:

    Stream 2short list

  38. Abubakar Ibrahim buja says:

    shortlisted stream2

  39. Ibrahim Idris says:

    I will be very grateful if you consider my application

  40. Oladele Sunday olayiwola says:

    How will I know if am shortlisted?

  41. murtalaibrahim says:

    O I want check my list

  42. Mahadi ibrahim says:


  43. Muhammad Yakub says:

    Thanks for your help and support for Shortlisted us.

  44. Muhammad Yakub says:

    The best Country is Nigeria.
    Live long Nigeria Leaders
    Live Long Federal Republic of Nigeria.

  45. IREM NNENNA says:

    Npower final list and deployment date for 2022

  46. lirwanu abdullahi says:

    75 Mark

  47. Ahmad Abubakar says:


  48. Sirajo abdulrazak says:

    Pls. I want you check my name this because the show me reset password I try my best I didn’t see it .

  49. Jeremiah Bunkat favour says:

    Thanks for everything

  50. SALEH BABA says:


  51. BLESSING SILAS says:

    Check n-power batch c2 shortlist

    Long live Nigerian

  52. Anas sambo says:


  53. Abdulhakim Mohammad Dauran says:

    Thousand million of people of this country are waiting for this money especially people of northern nigeria because of bandit and kidnappers that are disturb them scatter the house and the land it self please and please 🙏 i beg for God sake try to help those people before hungry kill them please 🙏

  54. Faidat says:

    I’m not a beneficiary yet..hoping dre ll be another batch of shorlist for stream 2

  55. Nyitse Nick says:

    How can I check that batch C 2 list,I have already done biometric but I received no email and nothing has displayed on my dashboard yet, even when I check deployment it been said that am not a beneficiary yet

  56. Abubakar sani says:

    Please I need your favor to change my email due to that one was got problem [email protected]
    Thank you.

  57. Abubakar sani says:

    All of us we are beg you in respectful please and please
    We are in deep critical condition due to some of crisis
    In our northern Nigeria and most of us are farmers
    There’s high cost of fertilizer and chemicals but we don’t have Cash to start please NASIMS OFFICER’S we are
    On emergency problem please come back to us in time.
    Npower stream 2.thank you.

  58. Beauty says:

    Please, I need to be updated about Npower badge C, stream 2

  59. Amdo napthali says:

    I can make it

  60. Amdo napthali says:

    I need to be off day by npower

  61. Amdo napthali says:


  62. Kopma says:

    Please those that have not been shortlisted in this batch currently undergoing physical verification, is there any hope that they will be shortlisting again?

  63. Agada patience Chiamak says:

    Thanks alot.
    I need to be nitified once the ppa is out

  64. Tabugbo Chinelo says:

    Is my name shortlisted.

  65. Tabugbo Chinelo says:

    Npower batch c stream 2 list

  66. Japhet Udekeya Nicholas says:

    I have been shortlisted for Stream 2, Batch C and have not been deployed. What steps do I need take?

  67. SHAABA aliyu says:


  68. Sulaiman Muhammad says:

    How can I know about my physical verification place

  69. Bashar mu azu says:

    I don’t see anything in my dershbouted and l was toprin l don’t know where l.

  70. Yusuf fatima funke says:

    Not verification st 2 pls and why

  71. Nyinongu Hembadoon Queen says:

    I want to check if I’m deployed

  72. Nyinongu Hembadoon Queen says:

    I want to check where I’m posted

  73. Okiru. Abuchi Donanld says:

    My Name have not yet being shortlisted for verification stage even till this Moment.

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