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Npower Salary 2019 – See Latest News on Npower November Monthly Stipends

Filed in Npower by on November 6, 2019 36 Comments

Npower Stipend for November 2019 – See Latest News on Npower Stipends here. Npower Salary Structure will be outlined below.

Npower Salary Structure is the information provided on this page. Npower is a federal government programme for empowering young people and creating job opportunities for graduates and non-graduates.

This article will provide all the vital information on Npower monthly stipend for all the various programmes. The figures provided here are extremely accurate and properly researched and confirmed from reliable sources.


Npower Monthly Salary for Various Programmes

  • N-Power Teach Programme
    Salary Structure: 28,000 – 30,000 monthly
  • N-Power Agro Programme
    Salary Structure: 25,000 – 30,000 monthly
  • N-Power Health Programme
    Salary Structure: 30,000 – 40,000 monthly
  • N-Power Community Education Programme
    Salary Structure: 10,000 – 30,000 monthly
  • N-Power Creative Programme
    Salary Structure: 10,000 – 30,000 monthly
  • N-Power Tech (Software) Programme
    Salary Structure: 20,000 – 40,000 monthly
  • N-Power Tech (Hardware) Programme
    Salary Structure: 20,000 – 40,000 monthly
  • N-Power Build Programme
    Salary Structure: 27,000 – 30,000 monthly

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If you have any question concerning Npower salary, kindly let us know in the comment section below and we will keep you informed on the latest update about Npower agro, Npower Build or Npower Recruitment

Comments (36)

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  1. alinco says:

    please how much is N-build paying their beneficiaries monthly

  2. Oyetunji waheed says:

    Please I want to ask you something about the people that they are not yet received the money n-power build 2019

  3. Eni ofem says:

    I have not received my backlog from 2016 december to 2018 january.AND My device please help in jesus name amen

  4. priscal says:

    just want to know how much nbuild pay. because d first payment for month of may was 10000

  5. Omali Blessing O. says:

    Pls am shock to see this salary scale am one of the npower tech (heardwear) that was trained last year in minna …..we are been paid 10,000 monthly why for God sake

  6. Ojo Adeyemi says:

    please notify me when the form is out

  7. Blessing Monday says:

    am Blessing Monday notify me when d form is out thanks.

  8. Simon David Omale says:

    Please kindly notify me once the form out

  9. Ibrahim sadiq says:

    Notify me once the date has came

  10. Ishaka haruna says:

    Please when the salery scale is start iam nbuild thanks nigerian president

  11. Ibrahim auwalu says:

    I did not see my massage for npower creative

  12. Ibrahim auwalu says:

    I don’t see my massage for npower creative pri selection.

  13. Adeniyi Kayode Joshua says:

    Morning,happy Sunday! Please,I’av not been paid for the month of June, I’m batch A beneficial &my bank is gab.Tanx for your.Enjoy your week.

  14. DANLADI CWEFAM says:


  15. Uba Solomon says:

    when they start appoint people for N teach notify me please

  16. Mbah Anya Sunday says:

    Please notify me on Npower recruitment 2019/2020 via thanks a lot

  17. Ngozika says:

    May God Almighty bless & reward our president Buhari

  18. Ogbodo Oluchi says:

    Profile details

  19. Alabi Sarafa abiodun says:



    Am 2016 beneficiary, hi my backlog of 16-17 months woo, pls cosider my situation and remained bless npower thanks.

  21. Amadu Moses says:

    Please When Is The Exam Date For N Power 2019.

  22. Yinka Alice says:

    please notify me when the form is out

  23. Victorian JEDIEL says:

    please notify me once the started apply

  24. ishaq salihu gold says:

    my name is ishaq salihu gold. I uploaded my posting letter for a very long time now, and up till now I have not been enrolled and neither did i receive a single stipend. I am ntecah batch b 2017. Please help me out. my email address is ishaqgoldsalihu

  25. Anas ibrahimmusa says:

    Why npower delay for payment salary,some peoles are in suffer

  26. AMARACHUKWU Okechukwu says:

    I am yet to receive my December 2016 backlog even after sending an email. Please what should I do?

  27. Dokih enoch says:

    This salary structure is for the 2016 or 2018 batch


    What happened to july stipend pls we need money to sort many things out

  29. Uzochukwu chidi says:

    This npower salary delay payment will discredit south west for being president next yrs because every body are talking, is’t how south west will rule if given the of oppounrity to rule as President of Nigeria, because it’s south west that control this npower payment, l want south west to save their name now by paying without delay so that they will rule this country as President of Nigeria after Buhari and nothing more.

  30. Otu Catherine says:

    I’m Katherine pls notify when recruiting for npower

  31. Ogbole Ochechi says:

    My backlog and device have not been received sir. (2016 batch)

  32. Agum Doowuese Jessica says:

    Kindly notify me when the form is out pls… thanks…here is my email address

  33. Yinka Alice says:

    please all i have is ssce certificate which can i go for

  34. 9jeeb says:

    Em members Bach A NBUILD we’re in situation we dont know where we are knw supposed to pay us our money plz

  35. Goni Adam says:

    Plz notify me when the date is out

  36. Okedeyi Sunday says:

    Please how can I register for this NPOWER SALARY because I have registered for the Nteach but I’m I have problem in login in. Meanwhile my password and username are correct. Help me out please.

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