NPower Exit Plan Packages for 2016 Batch A Beneficiaries - See Latest News : Recruitment Beam

NPower Exit Plan Packages for 2016 Batch A Beneficiaries – See Latest News

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NPower Exit Plan Packages for 2016 Batch A Beneficiaries – See Latest News

Npower Exit Plan Packages – This is Notify Npower 2016 Batch A beneficiaries that the Federal Government has announced the exit packages for candidates.

If you are among the Batch A Beneficiaries of the Npower 2016 beneficiaries, then this information is specifically directed to you.

As you know, the Federal Government announced their intention of ‘retiring’ the Npower 2016 Batch A beneficiaries and creating various exit packages for them.


Npower Exit Packages for 2016 Beneficiaries

The exit package for 2016 beneficiaries will come in various forms some of which will be explained below.

One of the packages is to give employment as full time teachers to the beneficiaries which means the Federal Government will recruit new teachers to boost the Nigerian Education system.

Another form of exit packages is to grant beneficiaries huge amount of capital to start businesses of their own and make income.

With these packages, the Federal Government believes it can help beneficiaries by so doing achieving the aim of the Npower program.


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  1. Fatorisa Folasade Lydia says:

    I love to hear from this site

  2. Fatorisa Folasade Lydia says:

    Thanks for your concern


    The federal government not straight forward concerning the exit programme for how long shall we be staying waiting invain for an empty promise, now the present government has less than one year to go yet our exit package is still pending they will only talk about it when election is around the corner ,they are playing politics with our lives, we serve the country towice as a copper and as Npower yet nothing to show for it those in power cannot put their graduate children into this type of condition

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