NPower Exit Plan Packages for 2016 Batch A Beneficiaries - See Latest News : Recruitment Beam

NPower Exit Plan Packages for 2016 Batch A Beneficiaries – See Latest News

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NPower Exit Plan Packages for 2016 Batch A Beneficiaries – See Latest News

Npower Exit Plan Packages – This is Notify Npower 2016 Batch A beneficiaries that the Federal Government has announced the exit packages for candidates.

If you are among the Batch A Beneficiaries of the Npower 2016 beneficiaries, then this information is specifically directed to you.

As you know, the Federal Government announced their intention of ‘retiring’ the Npower 2016 Batch A beneficiaries and creating various exit packages for them.


Npower Exit Packages for 2016 Beneficiaries

The exit package for 2016 beneficiaries will come in various forms some of which will be explained below.

One of the packages is to give employment as full time teachers to the beneficiaries which means the Federal Government will recruit new teachers to boost the Nigerian Education system.

Another form of exit packages is to grant beneficiaries huge amount of capital to start businesses of their own and make income.

With these packages, the Federal Government believes it can help beneficiaries by so doing achieving the aim of the Npower program.


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  1. Gift says:

    Please notify me on any update

  2. Abazie Faith says:

    Updates on Npower

  3. Asaolu Olaoluwa says:

    Pls,u discussed about packaging as full time teacher for N-teach,what of N-agro?

  4. Kingsley says:


  5. Stella says:

    Pls notify me on any news update on n power 2016

  6. Chika Justine Oliobi says:

    please, always notify me on latest update on the exit package for 2016 N POQWER BENEFICIARIES.

  7. Lawrence says:


  8. Joshua Ishaya says:

    This is a frat deal as u keep us post with information

  9. Arinze says:

    Please I want to know about the N-Empower exit plan to give them permanent teaching job.

  10. chukwuma Emmanuel c says:

    Good one

  11. Judith Ugono says:

    Kudos to his excellency

  12. Onugha felicia says:

    Update me on the exit package please

  13. Wuave Terver David says:

    In God we put our trust.

  14. Nike says:

    Hope for n power volunteer about permanent job and stipend for jan 2020 we ought to know where we are going, pls

  15. vina says:

    pls notify me on any update

  16. Anii uche Emmanuel says:

    Is a thing of joy to be part npower beneficiaries, hoping that federal government give the beneficiaries a soft land exit for to strengthen their financial foundation. @anii Emmanuel uche.

  17. Nabila Muhammad Ibrahim says:

    Please, notify me on any update

  18. Nabila Muhammad Ibrahim says:

    Please, notify meon any update

  19. Maere captain says:

    Pls notify me on any update

  20. Ngozi says:

    I wish to stayed updated about the exit plan for batch A

  21. Fawi tope says:

    I actually in need of fed. job,so fed. govt should absorb all beneficiaries,expecially the 2016 batch as a matter of urgency,since this would reduce criminality pace in the country.

  22. Happiness says:

    Am very happy to hear this good information.

  23. Mabel Ifoga says:

    Pls keep me inforned

  24. @ABDULLAHI Mohammed says:

    Always update me of any latest news of npower beneficiaries.


    Please, Our leaders and major parastatals and educationist, observed very well about the exit package plan for the NPower 2016 Beneficiaries, It is the solution or not. There are so many failures will comes after. Especially if amount of package is very cheap.

  26. Sam Smas says:

    The update on npower 2016 Batch is important to me pls.

  27. Fawi Tope says:

    I will be glad and grateful to the government of president Buhari for giving a great opportunity and laying down a great legacy for his successor.

  28. Oladosu Adebola.F says:

    I have not received my stipend since March 2020

  29. Adeniyi Comfort Adebanke says:

    I like your post . Please,I need update ,thanks.

  30. Mercy says:

    I really love this

  31. Jahseph says:

    Nice work

  32. Abdul yusuf says:

    Pls after our exit now wat do we stand to gain now?

  33. Chinwi Chanya Igwe says:

    I am interested in the exist package of becoming a full time teacher. May I not be exempted in the employment.
    Thanks Npower team
    Thanks Mr President
    Thanks Federal Government of Nigeria for this initiative
    May God Almighty keep helping you in your plans Amen.
    Chinwi Chanya Igwe
    Npower volunteer
    Rivers State
    PPA: State School Aleto Eleme

  34. Chinwi Chanya Igwe says:

    Still anticipating for the exit package
    Npower volunteer
    2016 batch

  35. Abang Lawrence says:

    I am interested in the exit package to be recruit as a teacher in the forth coming recruitment.thanks.

  36. ugore cletus says:

    i don t want miss out(

  37. Abdulgafar says:

    So what about nbuild?

  38. Vivian says:

    I’m hopeful, i pray for fastforward of the package.



  40. Ejiwunmi Temitope says:

    How many years are we going to wait for our package

  41. Lapo says:


  42. Abim says:

    Keep me posted of any development about 2016 exit package

  43. Lawrence Barka Hena says:

    I like current information about that

  44. Aishatu D.Buhari says:

    Good day, I lost my phone, the one I use for the nexit form, I have being trui g to open the portal with this my phone, but is not responding. What should I do?

  45. Tochi says:

    Please i will need all news about the exit package

  46. Popoola Buliyaminu kola says:

    please notifying me on nexit packages i am batch A beneficiary

  47. Popoola Buliyaminu kola says:

    fgn suppose to be given us right from today 2nd February 2022…

  48. Umude, Christian Ozoemela says:

    Very good update. Please notify me

  49. Muntari Usman says:

    Please notifying me on nexist parkage I am bach b beneficiary

  50. Mnena says:

    This is great news

  51. Ali Adolje says:

    I have been my updating with this number 08072115617,no way what observed ussdc routing failed.I need help.

  52. Owadayo Sunday Abel says:

    Very good idea please notify me

  53. Agraka Timothy Patimi says:

    Good job tnx

  54. Musa says:

    Is good

  55. Saidu says:

    Notify me I am in batch 1

  56. Eze Susan obiageri says:

    Plz notify me when the recruitment will take over

  57. Bilyaminu Abdullahi Liman says:

    Good morning to you, what about the npower 2016 beneficiries that have email problems ? what they should do ?

  58. Bilyaminu Abdullahi liman says:

    My npower email address is [email protected]

  59. Timothy Paul says:

    keep me posted

  60. Darling Efere says:

    Cbn loan

  61. owoh ogechukwu says:

    notified me if they are giving package,

  62. Arinze c says:

    when will the training commence

  63. Mukhtar umar says:

    pls notify me

  64. Cyril Ozioko says:

    I want to to kept updated

  65. Nnedinso says:

    Please notify me if there is any information

  66. Precious says:

    Notify me oo

  67. Isaiah Goodnews says:

    Please update me I am interested

  68. Adama says:

    Pls notify me any update,because my email is not functioning

  69. Onodagu calister says:

    Notified me please

  70. Nwamba Chioma says:

    I received an SMS that I have been shortlisted but I have not heard from anything again

  71. okwuchukwu ebele says:

    those that didn’t get the information on time ,is there hope for them?

  72. emmanuel ogaga says:

    notify me please

  73. Bello o says:

    Pls updated me

  74. Ali Danjuma Umbugu says:

    Notify me of any updates regarding npower please.

  75. Mukhtar ibrahim says:

    Thank you for these page,because our npower are giving us the correct information.

  76. Opara francis says:

    [email protected]
    Pls notify me with an current information.

  77. Fatorisa Folasade Lydia says:

    I love to hear from this site

  78. Fatorisa Folasade Lydia says:

    Thanks for your concern


    The federal government not straight forward concerning the exit programme for how long shall we be staying waiting invain for an empty promise, now the present government has less than one year to go yet our exit package is still pending they will only talk about it when election is around the corner ,they are playing politics with our lives, we serve the country towice as a copper and as Npower yet nothing to show for it those in power cannot put their graduate children into this type of condition

  80. Idiagbonmwen charity uyinmwen says:

    Hi I am charity batchvA please npower official try to pay me off ichave served

  81. Vincent tizhe says:

    Act but dnt talk too much. We are tired of ur stories.

  82. Udouwah says:

    Exit package an undreamable package as far as dis woman is concerned, gone are d days of d Vice president.

  83. James M. Musa says:

    Great to be current here! Always keep us informed. Much appreciated

  84. Andrew NWANGELE says:

    pls to whom it may be, we are not quarreling but we are apologizing for Npower second batch exit to start training such that they will meet up like first batch because I know that disbursement will start as soon as. possible

  85. Mohammed Alih says:

    It is true, we served nigeria two times as a copper and as npower yet no reliable jobs for us that from poor family background but there are always opportunity for those from rich family background by person or money. If there is a federal government teachers as an exit package, it means, you have created a great history for a common Nigerians.

  86. Nnadozie Obiageli Ruth says:

    I will like to be notified

  87. Oladipo omotayo.c says:

    God wi help your desicion we are waiting.


    We are waiting our dear minister but do fulfill your multiple promises please, because we’re not kids.

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