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Nigeria Customs Service Latest News on Recruitment 2019 | Updates on 2019 Customs Recruitment | Customs News 2019/2020 | Customs Recruitment News

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Nigeria Customs Service Latest News on Recruitment 2019 | Updates on 2019 Customs Recruitment | Customs News 2019/2020 | Customs Recruitment News

Do you want to read the latest news and updates on Nigeria customs service recruitment 2019/2020? Then you are on the right page.

Nigeria customs news is all we are writing about on this page. All information concerning 2019 customs recruitment latest news will be provided free of charge.

Nigeria customs recruitment started on 17th April, 2019 and ended exactly 3 weeks later.

A lot of people are always searching for news on customs recruitment and want to read the latest news on customs portal.

You need to take note that customs news will be published officially on their website and their social media pages.

The Nigeria customs form was out since April and thousands of candidates took the opportunity to apply.

Ok, so now we are going to provide you with the latest news about customs recruitment.

In case, you missed our previous updates on Nigeria customs, we published a series of articles for Nigeria customs applicants.

One of them was Nigeria customs past questions and answers, you can follow that link in case you never downloaded it.

What’s the Latest News about Nigeria Customs 2019/2020

Currently, applications are still ongoing for Nigeria customs recruitment and it has not yet ended as the portal is still open.

If you have not applied for NCS recruitment yet, then follow this link to apply for customs 2019 recruitment exercise. Update: Application is Closed!

A lot of applicants are also waiting for Nigeria customs service shortlisted candidates to be out, if you are among them, then keep reading to see when the list will be out.

The latest news on customs 2019/2020 is available on which is the official website of the Nigeria customs.

So far, the Federal Government is doing its best to provide jobs for the masses by opening job opportunities through various agencies and parastatals.

The NNPC recruitment form was out and Now Customs recruitment form was also out. BOTH APPLICATION PORTAL IS CLOSED

Which agencies will be recruiting next? You can find out below.

How to Check News about Customs Recruitment 2019/2020

The best website for checking customs news is

From time to time, we do share updates on Nigeria customs on this website.

If you want to receive notifications on Nigeria customs and latest news on ncs recruitment, then drop your email address in the comment section below.

We promise to provide you the latest news on 2019/2020 customs recruitment exercise, all you need to do is to provide your email address in the comment section below.

If you want to get updates and news about Customs service recruitment then comment below with your email.

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  1. Okafor Daniel says:

    Pls kindly update me on ncs shortlisted when it comes out for 2019/2020 recruit.

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  4. Ibator Judith says:

    Thank you

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    Plesace help me with news updated information

  6. Afolabi says:

    Please kindly inform me when NSC shortlisting is on.

  7. Babatunde Oladimeji Ayinla says:

    Please notify me if ncs shortlisted candidates is out

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  9. Abubakar m bako says:

    Please I need your help with NCS list of out

  10. Yusuf says:

    Update concerning 2019 recruitment

  11. Usman momodu says:

    Need infos on d nig custom service recruitment

  12. Usman momodu says:

    Notification on ncs 2019/2020

  13. Matthew Simon says:

    Please I’ll like that you do update me with the latest news on NCS 2019/2020 Recruitment & D short listed candidates please

  14. akawu Philip Ekunke says:

    I need you to be update me with any information an help me to join the job

  15. Olumolu Anthonia omolayo says:

    Please notify me when the list is out

  16. notify me when the names of shortlisted people is out, thank you says:

    You people are doing a great job Weldon

  17. Felix Ani christiana says:

    Updates pls….thank u sir 07032761434

  18. Baraje bashir says:

    pls notify me when NCS shortlisted list is officially out.


    Notify to me when the Nigeria customs service shortlisted names is out or any latest news pertaining the recruitment 2019/2020 section.

  20. Dozie Obi says: pls…notify me when customs are abolishing for 2019/2020. Thanks

  21. Japhet John Mawa says:

    I need update anytime pls

  22. Osungwu nkiru says:

    Please notify me for the shortlist…….thanks

  23. Chioma david says:

    Please notify me

  24. Samuel Dominic says:

    Pls I will like to get update concerning the NCS shortlisted name when it is out

  25. Samuel Dominic says:

    I will like to get update on NCS shortlisted names when it is out

  26. Akintunde Taiwo Babatunde says:

    Please update me when the list is finally out…

  27. ishaq jibrin says:

    notify me when the list is out

  28. Adefemi Samson says:

    Pls, i implore the NCS to notify me immediately when they have shortlisted for the successful candidates in 2019/2020 recruitment exercise. Thanks for your anticipation.

  29. Adigwe Juliet Chidimma says:

    pls notify me when shortlist is out

  30. Afolabi opeyemi says:

    Thanks for the information…..

  31. Mac fabian says:

    very interesting pls update me if the names are out..thanks

  32. Mac Fabian.. says:

    pls update me..

  33. badmus hammed says:

    pls notify me when the ncs 2019 shortlist is out

  34. olamijuwon says:

    pls update me for ncs 2019 shortlist is out

  35. Tunde Adeyemi says:

    pls notify me when d shortlist is out,,

  36. Khalifa jamilu says:

    pls notify me when it is out

  37. ATSUWE S JOSEPH says:


  38. Ehiwarior PERCY says:

    Please sir notify me when shotlisted candidates is out

  39. Nasiru Bashiru Onimisi says:

    Please, notify me immediately when the shortlisted applicants names are out

  40. Mark osoyibo says:

    Notify me wen names are out

  41. Atiku Hanafi says:

    Any type of news

  42. Ugwueke ikechukwu says:

    Please notify me when the NCS shortlist is out

  43. muhammad Al amin ibrahim says:

    When customs shortlist is out notify me, Pls.

  44. Anointed Sarah says:

    Please notify me when the shortlisted list is out…

  45. bitrus stephen says:

    plz notify me of any latest development about the shortlisting


    pls i need to be updated

  47. Salihu Abubakar bio says:

    Pls notify me when the shortlisted candidates is out

  48. Ahmad Ahmed Ahmed says:

    Notify me if custom recruitment candidates list is out

  49. monehin samson says:

    pls notify me when the list of shortlisted candidates is out.

  50. Bello Cynthia Ramota says:

    Pls notify me

  51. Paul Amah says:

    Pls, notify me as soon as the shortlist is out. Thanks!

  52. says:

    notify me if shortlist is out

  53. ishaq Jibrin says:

    pls notify me when shortlist out

  54. Obah Sale Danladi says:

    Sir, this name Obah Sale Danladi is among of shortlisted candident ncs 2019/2020.

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