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NEXIT CBN Loan | How to Apply and Get CBN Loan Without Collateral

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NEXIT CBN Loan | How to Apply and Get CBN Loan Without Collateral 2022

Nexit CBN Loan: NEXIT Beneficiaries will receive up 5 Million Naira loan without Collateral: The Federal Government in collaboration with the Central Bank of NIgeria have have approved the transition of Npower Batch A and B volunteers into an empowerment programme known as NEXIT Loan.

The major aim of this programme is to provide economic opportunities to beneficiaries of the programme, in line with the Federal Government Agenda to empower the Nigerian Youths and boost entrepreneurship in the country.

NEXIT CBN Loan Registration

Presently, the Nexit portal is open for registration, all interested volunteers are urged to apply for the loan via the NEXIT CBN Portal online.

The Portal that will allow Exited N-Power Beneficiaries to register for CBN empowerment programmes which has been recently launched by the Federal Government Ministry through the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs.

The Npower Exit platform which was put in place by the Central Bank will provided Exited N-Power Beneficiaries the opportunity to log in and apply for the various Economic Empowerment and Entrepreneurship options on the portal.

The NEXIT portal is to assist in gauging the suitability of the exited beneficiaries for the CBN empowerment programs and depends on meeting the requirements stated by the CBN for the loan. The registration portal is open and you can login here

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  1. JOSEPH SUNDAY says:

    What is the website for nexit portal,
    Am 2019 batch A can I apply also please?

  2. Arodola Abiodun mustapha says:

    Arodola Abiodun mustapha access bank account 1243372671. I have not taste any good tidings from government up to date, please am a hawker make the dream come true

  3. Arodola Abiodun mustapha says:

    Arodola Abiodun mustapha access bank account 1243372671 please add me I need help with my hawking work and my wife is in critical condition, please assist me

  4. Chris says:

    Are u saying each beneficiary will receive up to 5 million naira buh how can they pay back the loan.

  5. adetayo olaoluwa says:

    I have not tast eni thing good from govment, pls help me, Thanks. first bank 3087983983 adetayo olaoluwa

  6. Sani Ali says:

    Can batch ‘C’of Npwr apply for the CBN~ NEXIT LOAN.?

  7. Isah Ahmad K. says:

    U mean each beneficiary will receive up to 5m naira? Government could have empowered thousand youths in the country if it is serious.

  8. Matthew chukwuma says:

    Good morning sir…pls am by name Matthew chukwuma am among Nexit volunteer….I have not receive any message until now but make use of the code *45665# to check if am successfully selected….and the respons was for my status I was shortlisted and I check my availability was also successfully confirmed for the training on February…. texting to know if am among this batch 1 because didn’t receive any message or email?

  9. Madubuike Elizabeth Onyinye says:

    Good day sir, pls i tried using the code but it keep telling me that I have not been shortlisted for nexit batch 1. What’s my fate & I do I do? Thanks

  10. Nwamba Chioma says:

    Pls sir, how will I know whether I am among those that were selected for the training because I haven’t received any message about my training and my colleagues have all received and have undergone training

  11. Nwamba Chioma says:

    How do I apply for this cbn loan

  12. Ndom Mercy Edukere says:

    How can I apply for the CBN loan

  13. Ndom Mercy Edukere says:

    Pls I need the loan . how can I apply

  14. Joseph emeka says:

    I am a business man and am interested in this loan to Burst my business up.and if able to get this loan I will be very a youth.

  15. Safwan mohd says:

    I wish my application accepted

  16. aloku joseph says:

    How do I apply for the CBN loan

  17. Jamilu Buhari says:

    Thanks to be god

  18. Reuben Iliya says:

    Please updates me

  19. JOHNSON TOYIN says:


  20. Emeka says:

    It is only npower 2016 and 2017 has an asset to apply through nexit form and those that done the training just a resent

  21. Hasana Muhammad says:

    Covi 19 loan

  22. salomi Gata Idris says:

    please sir/ma please help me on how to apply any load that exit now so that i can bos my busess i use to make hair sell Purewater and card please help me thank you sir.

  23. Idehen omorogbe j says:

    I need a loan 3.million for my business

  24. Ezechi Nwankpa says:

    I will appreciate, if I will get a loan of three million naira.

  25. Raphael says:

    How can I register for Nexit CBN Loan?

  26. Habiba Aliyu says:

    I was to apply

  27. Ukehemba silas says:

    Is the NEXIT only for exited N power beneficiaries?

  28. Jacinta says:

    I need the loan Urgently, I need business equipment

  29. Sani Muhammad Hamisu says:

    I need 1.5m because I will start my business

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