Npower Batch C January 2023 Update: NASIMS News Today : Recruitment Beam

Npower Batch C January 2023 Update: NASIMS News Today

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NASIMS News Today: Latest Update on Npower Batch C January 2023

NASIMS News Today: Update for Npower 2023 Batch C Candidates. Here is latest updates from NASIMS applicants should read this page to get news updates about their application, shortlisted candidates and deployment.

Today, we will provide NASIMS Npower updates for all those who are currently in the batch c stream 1 and 2 Npower programme. All updates here including list of shortlisted applicants, NASIMS biometric enrollment and pre-selection and verification of applicants have been added to this page.

As you already know, is the official portal for Npower recruitment application. Every news updates on this page emanates from their official website so be rest assured you are reading fresh and accurate update.

The official Npower handles on Facebook and Twitter (@NpowerNG) are another source of NASIMS news. We have also curated news about other Npower related information on our Npower News Page.

NASIMS News 2023 Batch C

NASIMS Batch C Latest News for today. For now, enrollment of candidates has commenced and the next phase is coming out which is the deployment of successful applicants to their respective PPAs. You can read more on that here Npower Deployment News.

The selection phase is still in progress, and you are expected to log in to the Nasims portal at and double-check the information you have provided there. NASIMS will only release the names after physical verification of candidates.

News about NASIMS is always published on their official website as well on As you might have known, all Npower applicants are always expected to keep in touch with the programme by regularly reading the News about Npower nasims.

NASIMS batch c news is always provided promptly on this website almost on a daily basis. If you are on of the Npower candidates, please try as much as possible to always check for information so you don’t miss out on any stage of the recruitment exercise.

Npower NASIMS Update Today

Npower NASIMS News Update for Today. NASIMS Update is available to all applicants of batch c categories for Npower Teach, Build, Agro, Creative and others. Today, the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs has informed us that the Government is working tirelessly to enroll this batch of Npower beneficiaries to enable them commence their duties as soon as possible and begin receive monthly stipends.

If you want to receive NASIMS npower news whenever there is an update, we recommend that you subscribe to our notifications. We will try all possible best to keep you alerted if any information regarding Npower batch c applicants reaches us..

For more Npower NASIMS News Updates 2022 Batch C, Let us know what you think in the opinion box below and then we will also make sure we provide you with all information required to keep you updated.

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  1. onah odigi john says:

    please keep me updated

  2. Mba Margaret says:

    Where is the appropriate venue for
    physical screening? Please I want to know

    A) At the PPA (B) At the local government.

  3. Salahu abubakar ahmad says:

    Thanks you

  4. Agu Judith Obianuju says:

    Please l have not been short-lived yet,

  5. Agu Judith Obianuju says:

    Please will my name be shortlisted,

  6. sani musa says:

    i saw my deploye latter last 2 weeks but now seening not being deeploy yet what happen

  7. Ogheneruemugba afoke says:

    Pls keep me updated

  8. Oho Ayodele says:

    The long in website is not open

  9. mohammed ndako audu says:

    mohammed nma please notify me thank you

  10. Inyang Effiom oza says:

    Please, I apply for Npower Agro I wrote the exams scores 50 still I was not shortlisted no message to my email box . I want to know why. Thanks a million

  11. Odiwonma peace says:

    Please I will be needing your updates

  12. Onu chidimma perpetual says:

    Keep me posted

  13. Abdulraheem Bello Muhammad says:

    I try to dawload my ppa letter but is still showing too much request, try in a minute, after i have finish my phsical verification and pass. What should i do?

  14. Elizabeth Amara. says:

    Interesting. More updates please. But my PPA is not still uploading.

  15. Kpotun says:

    Why is that npower people writing renumeratio? They not consistant honesty in their stipend why?


    Pleas keep me update

  17. Ibrahim ridwanullahi ayinde says:

    I wanted to dowloud PPA letter but I did not through, why

  18. Bennass says:

    Keep me updated please

  19. Nwanumara chukwuemeka Nwebonyi says:

    Please keep me updated

  20. Musa rabiu says:

    Npower portal

  21. Winner Emily says:

    Have been giving PPA but can not download the letter, the site keep telling me date of birth does not match bvn, plss I need assistance

  22. Nwigwe Isaac Nnanna says:

    Pls the date of my birth is the same date i have in my BVN and my bank account but i can’t download my PPA I have been trying it and it use to say “Date of birth did not match with BVN”
    Pls i need help am confused.

  23. Rukayya Muhammad says:

    Have been trying to upload my PPA and it not uploading what am i going to do.

  24. Olowu Eldad Keturenyin says:

    Good evening pls can I know my place of primary assignment

  25. Victoria Simon says:

    Please I can see my name, no any update

  26. Ayuba Musa Dago says:


  27. Dondo Othniel Nabem says:

    Month has end,we are expecting our stipend.

  28. Shamsiyya nasir says:

    PPA letter

  29. Olasunkanmi ronke blessing says:

    About n.creative

  30. Olasunkanmi ronke blessing says:

    About n.creative keep me update

  31. Yakubu Anako Rufai says:

    I have not received my stipend,my payroll is showing no data transfer available,due to I didn’t uploaded my account number and Bvn during enrolling,pls what can I do now to rid from that?.

  32. Yohanna ali dahiru says:

    Pls we are worried we are not been paid yet wat is going we want to know pls give us feed back

  33. Yohanna ali dahiru says:

    Pls we are worried we are not been paid yet wat is going we want to know pls give us feed back

  34. Aina yewande says:

    Please is there any other list for batch C


    Keep me updated

  36. Abayomi says:

    Good Job Keep It Up

  37. Yahuza Adamu miri says:

    Please when the final list of stream 2 shortlisted candidates will be release

  38. Adebowale asiat adejoke says:

    Please keep me alerted

  39. Shem yunana says:

    on my details shows no bvn data & my account number is there, every thing is correct what to do pls I need to be shortlisted

  40. Ukam Jessica says:

    Am impressed
    And am okay with this

  41. Amadu James Emiloju says:

    Good morning,I,AMADU JAMES EMILOJU,I have not been paid the month of October.please,acti has not been taken since this while.My kind consideration.

  42. Aminu isiya says:

    I love it

  43. Bassey Abasiama says:

    This is an awesome work please keep it up

  44. Onwualu Augusta Uche says:

    pls am yet to receive my December 2021 stipend.pls help me,thank you.

  45. fabolarinwa fatai tunde says:

    i am yet to be shortlisted my details is NPWR/2020/NT1 183756307

  46. Joseph David Makama says:

    List of batch c scream 2 Npower shortlisted

  47. Mamuda Abdullahi says:

    I am impress

  48. Mamuda Abdullahi says:

    Thanks for the moment

  49. Usman Dantani says:

    I have not been shortlisted up to now (Ncreative)

  50. Chiata Elijah Iorkenger says:

    Not been able to do biometric.
    When I try to validate they ask me to validate my bvn and when I try to validate they said applicant bvn have validated already
    And can’t fit do biometric again.

  51. Onyedikachi Okorie says:

    Please is it true that the recent ongoing about npower batch C2 biometric is fake? And if true what is the implications to those who has already done thiers?

  52. Dasola says:

    I want to login to my dashboard for d past some days now and I clicked forgot password and it telling me that a link have been sent to my email but I can’t see any mail, now forgot password is not going again pls what can I do.

  53. Idota Daniel says:

    Am happy at this time federal goverment is try this we less the unemployment in Nigeria am somuch happy am selected at this time I give thanks to God

  54. Ushie John says:

    Pls, I scored 65 and haven’t been shortlisted

  55. Angiating Rose says:

    Thanks so much! I wished to always be in touch! I have done the biometrics, what’s next pls?

  56. Joel Thomas says:

    Update me on Npower news Everytime

  57. Muhammad umar says:

    I have been enroll my fingerprint but still now l did not change from applicant to beneficiary

  58. Azeez taoheed says:

    Please I am yet to be shortlisted as beneficiary, my details is NpwR/ 2020/006267157 . please help me out, I am poor

  59. Andrew says:

    I was shortlisted, but up till now no Verification notification on my dashboard

  60. Garba Auwali says:

    Why, beneficiary didn’t receive his payment at time

  61. indie josephine says:

    I did my biomatric finger print but I have not received a deployment message should I proceed for physical verification?

  62. Jimoh Mariam says:

    My overview show shortlisted why others show applicant ,I don’t know the problem

    • Uchechukwu Alaoma says:

      I have done everything but I missed the physical verification due to lack of information. Pls what do I do to be verified.

  63. Olawoye idowu olaide says:

    Pls ma/sir,I have undergone finger printing stage but I have not been choosing for physically verification,the period for the verification was elapsed on the 25th of June,2022.should I keep waiting for other phase of verification ? or it has ended just like that ,pls help me out,thanks for consideration .

  64. Anjie a moses says:

    If the federal government continue like this on employment will reduce

  65. Aghaoyibo chukwujindu says:

    When is stream 2 deployment date, because i am not posted yet

  66. Shuaibu Aliyi says:

    What is going on ncreative section up to now they have not turn to beneficial yet ?

  67. Daniel Benjamin jauro says:

    Pls ma/sir,I have undergone finger printing stage but I have not been choosing for physically verification,the period for the verification was elapsed on the 25th of June,2022.should I keep waiting for other phase of verification ? or it has ended just like that ,pls help me out,thanks for consideration .


  68. Ayeke ifeoma says:

    Mine iis that my over view is showing shortlisted but still applicant

  69. Cynthia says:

    I have not been deployed yet, what might be the problem

  70. Dole stephen kuje says:

    Government a trying on the aspect of unemployment , but we Npower batch c stream 1 should be extended please FG.

  71. Stephen ado says:

    Please sir or ma I don understand I have try to see my dash board to see wia I have Ben posted I did not see they dash board please ma or sir what is happening

    • Umar ahmadu says:

      I am in npower batch c stream 2 but up to now I have not been see my PPA letter or posted wh? Please help me

  72. Ogunyomi Samson bukola says:

    Hi hope no problem because people around me have been posted but I am yet to receive my posting.when can i be expecting my onw posting

  73. RASHIDA SANUSI says:

    Good evening I’m a beneficiary of N power Batch C1 I have not received any of the three stipend that’s September, October and November what could be the problem and I wrote the work nation test

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