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NASIMS ID Verification Portal for Test | How to Recover NASIMS Password |

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NASIMS ID Verification Portal for Test | How to Recover NASIMS Password |

NASIMS ID Verification Login details on npower is what you’re searching for, then you are on the right page. You should be able to recover your password on NASIMS Portal after reading this article.

Npower Batch C applicants are to login to and write their online test, but some people have forgot their password or ID to access the NASIM Portal. Now this article shows you the exact steps you need to follow if you need to login to the dashboard.

After reading this guide, you should be able to verify your NASIMS ID and login successfully to the portal to write your online Npower test. The portal is Now go through every steps carefully.

NASIM ID Verification Steps

You need the NASIM ID to login and write Npower Test. Without this ID, you would not be able to access the NASIM Portal and write the test for Npower Shortlisted Candidates.

To verify your NASIMS ID, make sure you read the following guidelines in order to successfully update your information as required by Npower on the NASIM ID Login portal. See all the details provided below.

How to Recover/Reset Password on

  1. Login to
  2. Click on Forgot Password.
  3. Provide your email address
  4. Click on the option ‘Send Link’
  5. Check Your Mail for a Link to Recover your account

So if you had that issue before now, your problem should be solved after using the instructions in this article. All Npower batch c applicants should be able to access the NASIM Portal with their ID now.

The steps is very easy. Just login with your NASIMS ID and you should be able to update your records on the website and also take the test for the batch npower group. Shortlisted candidates will be sent a message on the portal is they have been selected.

For fresh news and updates on NASIM ID Verification Portal, you can tell us what you think about this article in the comment section below and we will keep you updated on time.

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  1. Markus Manga says:

    I greet you all

  2. abbas kabiru says:


  3. Aaron Dasen says:

    I have been trying to get my deployment letter but I can’t.

  4. ABBA Muhammed says:

    Way not you invite me

  5. odo blessing Nnedinso says:

    I can’t login to my account

  6. Safiyanu auwalu Muhammad says:

    Good morning sir or madam
    When will shortlisted for the stream 2 because I waited for ages

  7. Modu Mallam kawu jawa says:

    YOBE state

  8. Odey Kenneth okum says:

    Greetings house, I wish to ask that, what about you applicant that they were shortlisted for batch C stream 1 and they haven’t posted them to their PPA and also haven’t received any stipend from Nasims, up till now their dashboard is still showing no payment data available and physical verification status is showing pending instead of pass, what will happen to them? Thanks for your concern.

  9. Odey Kenneth okum says:

    Please help me out am one of them

  10. Kabiru Ibrahim says:

    Ur welcome

  11. Falana Felicia Adenike says:

    Please I would like to confirm if I was shortlisted

  12. Falana Felicia Adenike says:

    Please I have done my test oooo

  13. Salim abdullahi says:

    0802 818 6893

  14. Ogah Alice says:

    how do i log in to my account i have forgotten my password

  15. Moses Mercy Ashe says:


  16. akande afusat says:

    All the name of npower

  17. Bere Gbenenwi says:

    I Bere Gbenenwi, a graduate with discharge certificate scored 65 from the assessment test with my necessary credentials updated yet my name was not shortlisted while 55 was shortlisted. please why?

  18. Bere, Gbenenwi says:

    I Bere Gbenenwi, a graduate with discharge certificate, scored 65 percent from the assessment test yet my name was not shortlisted while 55 was shortlisted. why?

  19. Daniel Pevkyaa says:

    How long we npower batch C stream 2 would last? And from which month would the federal government start the payment of stipend?

  20. Rabiu k says:

    I didn’t see my ppa letter why pls

  21. dalyop dung bitrus says:

    good morning my fellow Friend it has been a challenge to me,and it was very bitterly to here your fellow classmates you apply together he was select Ed in applications form.sir,for the npower I apply and I was being shortlisted I wrote a test I pass but the biometric in my portal it show me applicant not beneficiary why and my test was 65 percent several application went I got it I always screen out please may God center government to give me a job I am at home with my result with nothing doing.I also volunteering with nepa for 8yes the have not permanent me please pray for the needy to get job.

  22. madina bello says:


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