JAMB Chemistry Questions and Answers 2022 | Complete CBT Questions : Recruitment Beam

JAMB Chemistry Questions and Answers 2022 | Complete CBT Questions

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JAMB Chemistry Questions and Answers 2022 Exam | Complete CBT Questions

JAMB 2022 Chemistry Questions and Answers is what you will find here. We have compiled all the answers to JAMB Chemistry questions 2022 and you check them here in this article or download PDF. JAMB 2022 Chemistry Questions and Answers is here. We have provided all the Objective CBT answers to JAMB Chemistry questions 2022 and you view them here or download the PDF copy.

JAMB Chemistry exams will soon start and you need to know what questions to expect and the solutions/expo or answers to 2022 JAMB UTME Chemistry questions, then you are on the right page.

We have provided both the JAMB Past Questions for Chemistry and what you should know about the questions that will appear in the actual JAMB 2022/2023 Chemistry examination which will commence shortly.

JAMB 2022 UTME Questions and Answers can be found right in this page. All the JAMB Chemistry Past Questions is right on this page and you can access them easily as you continue to read this article.

Firstly, before you check JAMB Exam chemistry answers, you need to understand that most of the questions that normally come out in the actual exams are mostly the same with a little twist added to it.

JAMB Questions for chemistry will be published here together with the solutions to all the questions on chemistry JAMB. Ensure you study them all properly before you proceed for the examination so you can answer it easily.

JAMB Chemistry CBT Questions is online and please take note of this very important information. Before you proceed with the examination, have it in mind that JAMB will not permit you to go in with any material related to chemistry when taking the exams.

It’s best if you practice very well with the Past Questions JAMB Chemistry prior to the examination date. We will assist you very much in that aspect by providing you with the full questions and answers.

JAMB Chemistry Questions and Answers 2022

1. The shape of CO2H2O and CH4 respectively are
A. bent linear and tetrahedral
B. bent tetrahedral and linear
C. linear bent and tetrahedral
D. tetrahedral, linear and bent.

2. The distance between the nuclei of chlorine atoms in a chlorine molecule is 0.914 nm. The atomic radius of chlorine atom is
A. 0.097 nm
B. 0.914 nm
C. 2.388 nm
D. 2.388 nm

3. The noble gas, argon, is used for
A. electric are welding
B. welding brass
C. underwater welding
D. steal welding

4. A side effect of soft water is that
A. it gives offensive taste
B. excess calcium s precipitate
C. it attacks lead contained in pipes
D. it encourages the growth of bacteria

5 Water molecules can be ligands especially when they are bonded to.
A. alkaline earth metals
B. alkali metals
C. transition metals
D. group V11 elements

6. The air pollutant unknown in nature is

7. 10dm3 of distilled water used to wash 2.0 g of a precipitate of AgCl. If the solubility product of AgCl is 2.0 x10-10 moldm-6, what quantity of silver was lost in the process?
A. 2.029 x10-3  mol dm-3
B. 1.414 x 10-3 mol dm-3
C. 2.029 x 10-5 mol dm-3
D. 1.414 x 10-5 mol dm-3

8. Hydration of ions in solution is associated with
A. absorption of heat
B. reduction of heat
C. conduction of heat
D. liberation of heat

To get the full copy of the JAMB 2022 Chemistry Questions and Answers. You can get the Objective CBT answers to JAMB Chemistry questions 2022 in PDF Format. Simply drop us a comment below this write up so we send it you.

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