Federal Fire Service Salary Structure and Allowances 2022 | See Monthly Salary : Recruitment Beam

Federal Fire Service Salary Structure and Allowances 2022 | See Monthly Salary

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Federal Fire Service Salary Structure and Allowances 2022 | See Monthly Salary

The Federal Fire Service ranks and salary is the information provided on this page. Although, the new salary scale of those in the Federal Fire Service was improved upon a while ago together with the salaries for civil service workers or public servants by the Federal Government of Nigeria.

Do you wish to know the Federal Fire Service salary structure? This article is written to provide vital information about the Salary structure of the Federal Fire Service. Continue reading to find out.

The new and improved salary structure for all Para-military personnel is regarded as the Consolidated Para-military Salary Structure (CONPASS), which involves an increase in the primary/basic salary and allowances for Federal Fire Service officers and the rest of the Para-military organizations. This is quite separate from the Nigerian army salary, the Navy and the Nigerian Air Force.

If you want to work in the Fire Service which is a federal government agency that is responsible for the controlling and preventing fire outbreak in the country; It is very important for you know Federal Fire Service monthly salary, and also the amount the government pays fire fighters every month.

Federal Fire Service Salary Structure

The main aim behind the establishment of the Federal Fire Service is to assist in preserving the lives and the properties of Nigerians during fire incidences.

From the time the federal fire service was established, Nigerians are now relying on them in the case of fire outbreaks.

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Just like every other Federal Government establishments, workers in the Federal Fire Service has various responsibilities to tackle daily. In the absence of sufficient funding and good salary/allowances monthly, it will be difficult for them to render their services anytime they are called upon.

This has prompted the Federal Government to make a yearly allocation in the budget for the Federal Fire Service workers, for the services they render to the nation.

Federal Fire Service Salary Structure

  • N1,405,449 – Chief Inspector (CI)
  • N1,325,234 – Deputy Chief Inspector (DCI)
  • N1,252,038 – Assistant Chief Inspector (ACI)
  • N1,143,539 – Principal Marshal Inspector (PMI)
  • N1,058,416 – Senior Marshal Inspector (SMI)
  • N777,876 – Marshal Inspector I (MI-I)
  • N548,387 – Marshal Inspector II (MI-II). See also: Doctors housemanship salary in Nigeria
  • N393,442 – Marshal Inspector III (MI-III)
  • N966,761 – Chief Fire Marshal Assistant (CFMA)
  • N539,048 – Deputy Fire Marshal Assistant (DFMA)
  • N387,428 – Senior Fire Marshal Assistant (SFMA)
  • N349,589 – Fire Marshal Assistant I (FMA I)
  • N319,741 – Fire Marshal Assistant II (FMA II)
  • N305,576 – Fire Marshal Assistant III (FMA III)
  • The average salary of Federal Fire Service service workers – N800,000-N1,400,000 annually (we can say that they earn N50-120k monthly).

The General of the Federal Fire Service receives the highest salary which is about 1.4 million Naira.

Also, It was announced that salary grade level 07 is automatically moved to salary grade level 08, which means that salaries of Federal Fire Service workers are increasing.

If you want to ask a question concerning Federal Fire Service Salary Structure, you can do so in the comment section below.

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    How much is the total salary for level 6 fire service worker

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    When did they move leave 07 salary to 08 leave . because my brother is a fire service personal and his salary is still of that leaves 07 on.

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