DPR Salary Structure 2022 | See How Much DPR Pays Workers Monthly : Recruitment Beam

DPR Salary Structure 2022 | See How Much DPR Pays Workers Monthly

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DPR Salary Structure 2022 | See How Much DPR Pays Workers Monthly

Department of Petroleum Resources Salary..DPR Salary 2022 from the highest rank to the lowest vacant position. See more information below

DPR Salary Structure

Do you want to know how much is DPR salary monthly or the amount workers in the Department of Petroleum Resources earn monthly? Then you are on the right page.

Information will be provided on the allowances of the DPR workforce from the top ranking official to the lowest in the organization.


The Department of Petroleum Resources Commonly known as the DPR is one of the petroleum regulatory agencies in Nigeria.

Some of the queries we will cover today are:

  • How much does DPR pay?
  • DPR Salary Structure
  • DPR Salary Structure for Entry Level Staff
  • DPR Salary Structure for Graduate Trainee
  • DPR Salary Structure for Executive Staff

DPR Salary Structure

1. DPR Salary Structure for Entry Level Staff.

The DPR salary structure for entry-level staff is one of the most query made especially by fresh graduates who would love to further their career with the government agency. It is a known fact that the Nigerian Oil industry is the most lucrative and highest paying sector in the country and many would love to know the current pay scale for DPR entry-level staff.

Here is the breakdown of the DPR entry staff salary structure.

According to latest available figure, the Department of Petroleum Resources, DPR pays their entry-level staff N133,333 basic salary per month, totaling about N1.6 million per annum.

Interestingly your take-home pay may even be better because DPR also pays allowances, with the amount depending on where you live and other factors.

Totaling everything your per annum income may rise to as high as N2.5 million.

2. DPR Salary Structure for Industrial Trainee.

Let’s find out how much an Industrial trainee earns from working with DPR. If you are very familiar with the workings of DPR then you should know how this works and take full advantage of it.

As an Industrial trainee, your per annum income from working with DPR is N400,000.

Do you have any questions concerning DPR Salary? Then let us know in the comment section below and we will respond to you promptly.

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    Thank you for the information. Please can I be notified when DPR start application? Thank you

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    I love to apply for nnpc

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    We want know the actual date of ongoing recruitment started

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    am interested

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    Hi I’m bello. Please i want to know when is the new recruitment.
    And I once wrote your exams, which some of my friends were opportune to secure a job with you, but we are praying n waiting for our own time. Thanks n God bless.

  11. Bello idris says:

    Please what are the similarities and differences between the salary, allowances of dpr and that of pansion commission?

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    I’m so interested to become one of the member in the

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    I work with a Federal Government Agency on Grade Level 10. Can I do a transfer of service to DPR and what is the procedure?

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    i am very happy to DPR becouse i like it so much and i need to be one of the members of DPR wish you all the best

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    Please can someone guide me how to apply for dpr through my own phone

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    Good afternoon sir please and please i want to be part of industrial trainee in DPR oil and gas jobs and what it take to be part of the employment trainee and avail myself of training and skills to improve and also grow the company and work with other staff teams workers

  18. salihu kasimu says:

    good morning sir, i am very glade if i will be part of the department of petroleum resourse (DPR.) trainee so that i shall be part of the department of petroleum resourse (DPR.) thanks

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