CBN Salary Structure 2020 | How Much Central Bank Pay Their Workers in 2020

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CBN Salary Structure 2020 – The aim of this article is to guide you on Central Bank of Nigeria Salary Scale and How much CBN staff earns monthly. See the allowances and everything you need to know CBN staff salary.

The Central Bank of Nigeria pays workers a good amount of salary. They are one of the Federal Government agencies in Nigeria that has the best salary structure.

If you want to work in the Central Bank of Nigeria, you must have probably wanted to find out how much salary CBN workers earns every month. We will provide the answers to your questions here.

See CBN Allowances and salary for their workers below.

How Much is CBN Salary?

CBN Salary is N732,000 Monthly for branch managers. This is the one of highest position in the Central Bank and anyone occupying these positions get paid handsomely.

Credit Analyst in the CBN earns as much as N647,000 Monthly. They are among the top earners in the Central Bank of Nigeria at the moment.

A loan officer working in the Central Bank of Nigeria will be paid N573,000 per month. That is a very huge amount of income as well and they are on the highest paid workers in the CBN.

Entry Level Staff in the CBN earn a minimum of N122,000 monthly. There are a lot of benefits associated with being an Entry Level staff. At this level, you will get experience for higher positions.

Fresh Graduates in the CBN Earn a minimum salary of N60,000 per month. This is one of the lowest tier in the Central Bank of Nigeria.

CBN Salary Structure Information

As much as we strive to provide you accurate details to how much CBN pays staff, these figures may change as time goes on.  But we will ensure you get updated once new figures are published.

If you are interested in working the Central Bank, then go ahead and see information on CBN Recruitment and how you can apply.

If you need updated info on CBN Salary Structure, you can inform us to notify you by leaving your suggestions below this article.

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